Mauritius is a famous big game fishing spot for tourists. Big game fishing adventure is a very unique experience for most tourists in Mauritius. Mauritius is a known coastal big game fishing destination that is full of adventure and gaming ventures. Trip for big game fishing Mauritius provides a unique adventurous activity to tourists that love adventure.

1.  Basic Equipment

When it comes to big game fishing, information related to fishing equipment is very necessary before planning a tour in Mauritius for fishing. The big game is generally associated with tuna or marlin and common fishing equipment is not enough for big game fishing. Modern equipment and life-saving technology is the most important requirement for big game fishing. Rod, line, terminal tackle, and reel are the basic equipment required for big game fishing.

The rod manufacturers usually provide a guide to choose equipment for big game fishing. Suitable rods made of graphite material are usually light in weight and more sensitive. Fiberglass rods are generally hard but not highly sensitive as compared to graphite rods. Composite rods contain both materials and are considered fine for big game fishing Mauritius. 

2.  Mauritius Bill Fish Tournament

Mauritius is well known for big game fishing. Deep-sea fishing in Mauritius has a lot of adventure for tourists. A famous big game fishing festival named Mauritius Billfish tournament is a great opportunity for tourists for big game fishing. This tournament is generally held in Black River during the peak of the Marlin season. The catch and release system of this tournament provides marlin to grow in natural habitat.

3.  Favorable Fishing Time

Blue marlin usually goes into the deep sea in the months of summer as water becomes warmer. The deep-sea fishing in Mauritius should be started early in the morning in the summer season for big game fishing. The best big game fishing time is from December to April. Deep-sea fishing can be practiced throughout the year but summer is best for big game fishing as compared to the winter season. People generally plan tours for big game fishing during the summer season because Mauritius tourism provides exciting big game fishing visit and tour packages for tourists.


Big game fishing is exciting for many adventure loving people but swimming with dolphin Mauritius is too much exciting. Both recreational activities have their taste and fun. Adventurous tourists don’t compromise on one during their visit to Mauritius.