That final trip down the river will live with us for a long time. We’ve never experienced such great Taupo White Water Rafting. We’re not into the truly dangerous things; no gigantic waterfalls and deep whirlpools for us, and certainly no swimming in water bigger than ourselves. Nonetheless, what we enjoy about white water rafting is the adrenaline rush of living on the edge, holding on, and attempting to work as a team to keep that craft headed in the right direction.

Enjoying A Rafting Adventure

We pushed our way into the river and paddled slowly towards the first curve, starting from the shallows as calmly as we could. The big unknown is half the pleasure of best white water rafting New Zealand – unless you’ve been on the stretch of the river previously, you have no idea what to anticipate. And just when you think it’s going to be a smooth ride, you find out that it works both ways, and what was previously soothing and tranquil may transform into something raging in a matter of days, much alone from one month to the next.

Taupo White Water Rafting

One of the most thrilling aspects of Taupo White Water Rafting is rounding a curve and being surprised with a loud, highly unique noise. The water is bubbling for about a minute at most, and you can hear the bird and bug activity. The water then begins to churn, rolling over stones and bubbling as though on the boil.

Make Your Relax

It’s a sound that tells you that your time of relaxation is coming to an end, and you’d best pull your weight and do what you’re meant to do to prevent rolling over. Suddenly, people start yelling orders, some in terror, others in delight. Things move rapidly, and the potential crisis is over before you realize it. You lay back, dripping soaked, and wait for the next bout of the best white water rafting New Zealand fun.

Although the experienced and dependable guides are sometimes perplexed by how visitors or tourists behave, they are well educated to manage even the most hesitant ones. It’s not like conventional boating, where after paying for the boatman and the trip, you may sit back and relax while enjoying the tranquility of the lake or river. Taupo White Water Rafting, on the other hand, is very different. That is where the excitement of rafting resides!

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