When summer vacations are going to arrive, people make different plans to explore a new location. This summer you must plan to visit Mornington peninsula. You are going to explore plenty of things in this beautiful location. You can explore beautiful beaches or friendly parks; precisely there are lots of things to do on the Mornington Peninsula. A place where must one visit and take a glance at all the precious beaches, parks and gardens and indulge with the best time of your life.

Things to Explore

Here are the best things that you can look for and is having an hour distance from the Melbourne.

Parks and gardens:

Summer in the peninsula is about to rest and parks are the best place to explore. You can have the view of beautiful flowers and plants uniquely designed. There is another section for children and they can spend a great time there.


There are plenty of the things that you look while moving around in the market. You can explore new brands in the market and purchase accordingly.

Farmer market:

There are only two markets in the region. You can easily get fresh seasonable fruits and vegetables like berries, herbs, honey, and seafood. There is an activity area for the children and many of the food stalls having the great food.

In water:

You will hundreds of beaches were you will get to experience new things. This is the most interesting place to visit and you can spend hours without getting bored.

These all are the things that will make your trip a superb one. This is the most exotic place that will be loved by everyone.

Place of Food

Mornington Peninsula is foodie heaven. The region has its own great food and produces dozens of veggies straight from the ground. Going on the outdoor adventure on the Mornington Peninsula and complementing food, you will surely have the best time of your life. You will have an excess of free time and cook your food with an abundance of ingredients available.


These all are the highlights and things to do on the Mornington Peninsula. You can book your tour operator to handle the entire trip and you can easily make some beautiful memories without any stress. You can plan the trip for the long or short period as per the convenient but you must surely make the plan for this location.