Buying the used pontoon boats Gold Coast gives you a lot of benefits as it saves much or your cost. New pontoon boats are very expensive, and most people can’t afford it. So there is always an option of buying the used pontoon boats for sale. However, buying used pontoon can sometimes be a daunting and frustrating task. But if you are equipped with the right knowledge on what you should consider while purchasing used pontoons, it will turn out to be an easy task for you. The mentioned points are those that you should look while choosing the used pontoon for sale.

Purchasing used pontoon boat checklist:

Inspect the condition of the pontoon:

The outside look of the pontoon is the least of your concerns when evaluating the used pontoon boat for you. The real concern should be the inspection of hull and logs.

  •         Check the condition of the pontoon and look for the patches, dents, and cracks on the stem, chines, and strakes.
  •         Has it been patched?
  •         Check that the cracks, dents, and patches are small or large
  •         Are the logs straightly positioned?
  •         Is there any repair made on the engine?
  •         Are the shift and linkages are greased?
  •         Check the shift and linkages are corrosion-free or not
  •         Do the springs snapback?
  •         Check the flooring. Is there any sign of mould?
  •         Are there any cracks and tears on the furniture?

Answer to these questions should be yes to proceed with the purchasing and selling of boat.


After inspection of every single gear and parts of the boat, go on a test-drive to see its efficiency and engine power. Check how long the engine takes to start the boat, and if it takes longer waiting time, it is a sign of start-up engine problem. Once you take the boat on the water, check much it is good in doing narrow and wide turns.

  •         Check the engine starting time
  •         How fast and slow it will go
  •         How does it handle the changes in speed?
  •         How long it will take to start the boat
  •         Run the engine for a little longer to check the overheating issues


Given these short yet useful tips, we hope that by reading this checklist, you will have a better adventure in getting one of the used pontoon boats in the Gold Coast. Definitely, the boat that you will select by searching a lot can be enjoyed by your entire family.

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