Shopping for UV protective clothing swimwear is one of the few things many women hate more than the prospect of having to go shopping. According to a recent study, most women would rather do almost anything, even cleaning the bathroom, than go shopping for a swimsuit.

With the help of Illusion Dressing techniques and the expert advice provided in the following color, pattern, garment design, fit, and fabric expert tips, you will be able to select swimsuits that not only flatter your figure but also reshape and transform your figure, regardless of your body shape or size.

Color Selection

Using color to improve and modify your body is one of the quickest and most simple methods to do it. Make a selection of high neck swimsuits with color combinations that put the lightest or brightest colors in the combination on the parts of your body you want to properly show off and the darkest colors in the combination on the parts of your body you want to downplay. Swimsuits should always be chosen in colors that are complementary to your skin tones.

UV protective clothing swimwear


When it comes to choosing UV protective clothing swimwear that will flatter and improve your shape, a pattern may be an invaluable friend. A suit with a tiny to medium pattern may actually be more body-flattering than a suit with a plain color. It will confuse the eye without drawing attention to any specific area of the person’s physique. Horizontal lines increase the regions across which they are worn. Horizontal lines thin and extend the regions where it is worn over them. Diagonal lines draw the viewer’s attention away from the places where they are worn.

Designing a garment

For the design of high neck swimsuits to effectively enhance and reshape your body, you must be aware of the lines that are created by the construction of the swimsuit, such as necklines swimsuit, armhole placement, leg hole placement, zippers, ruffles, slits, hemlines, pleats, and cutouts, among other features.

Keep in mind that horizontal lines enlarge the areas they are worn over, vertical lines slim the areas they are worn over, diagonal lines detract attention away from the areas they are worn over, and curved lines add curves to the areas they are worn over when evaluating lines created by the construction of a swimsuit. The leg opening of your UV protective clothing swimwear should begin at the broadest portion of your hip and should not be any higher than that. For more information visit our website: